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Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP33
March 15, 2018 04:46 PM PDT
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After a short hatius, we are back with episode 33!
Another sublime selection in this months outing, all seamlessly mixed - and staying true to the Elements Psychedelic sound.

Absoulute fire tracks from - Myself, Blazer, Split & Jaxta, Bad Tango, Flack.su and more!

Respect to the artists and labels! x


01. Sergei Orange - Breeze [RUNE]
02. Flack.su - Ectranoid [RUNE]
03. Andy Faze - Darkness [Sub Element]
04. Split & Jaxta - Species
05. Vectrix - The Rythym (Andy Faze Remix) [V.I.M. Breaks]
06. Bad Tango - Gene Sequence [Broken Robot]
07. Blazer - Venom
08. Andy Faze - Dark Nebula [CDR]
09. Effective Vs Blazer - Gods & Monsters
10. Blazer + Split & Jaxta - Mental
11. Freedom Fighters & Avalon - Twist n Turns (Genetrick Remix)


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP32
September 03, 2017 03:16 PM PDT
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nUMbeR 32 ,n still counting, growing and Breaking!

This month we go back to a more classical - varied Elements selection!

Starting very dark and deep, before moving up to some more Techno-Tech/Funk type of tunes smiley
We then hit you with some Acid Breaks, progressing to Psy breaks and Trance!

A really cool selection and variety! smiley

Excellent music from the mighty label - VIM Breaks,
including cool cuts by - Digibox, Algorthimic, Captain Capcom, Nick Sentience, Acidova,
and also a new remix in there by myself and a Blazer tune!

Hope you dig!

Respect to the artists and labels x

01. Parallax Breakz - Ozone Layer [VIM Breaks]
02. Parallax Breakz & Vectrix - Quasar (Chris Voro Remix) [VIM Breaks]
03. Sergei Orange - Dark Knights [RUNE]
04. Digibox - Radar (Algorthimic Remix) [VIM Breaks]
05. Camisole - Parallel Worlds (Genuss Remix) [VIM Breaks]
06. Captain Capcom - Cptl Ctrl [VIM Breaks]
07. Digibox - Mission [VIM Breaks]
08. Andy Faze - Teleportation (Nick Sentience Remix) [VIM Breaks]
09. Throw3r - Intention (Andy Faze Remix) [Sub Element]
10. Acidova - Lasersquad [TEK]
11. Martopeter - Psychedelic Experience [Neom]
12. Blazer - Architect [CDR]
13. Audiofire - Chemicals [CDR]


Remember there is an option to donate to this podcast smiley With rewards for greater donations!

All donations are hugely appreciated xx

DONATE AND SUPPORT: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4191831


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP31
June 30, 2017 01:37 PM PDT
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yO yO yO!!!

Elements is back! Bigger, better, bolder - and bearing incentives and gifts! winking

I have now teamed up with Patreon, which is basically a way to support a podcast/artists with donations.
I seem to have a big following on this podcast over the last few years, and I almost quit doing it.

If anyone knows me personally, then they will know I have had a tough time personally in the last 2 years, and gone through some big life changes.
I really love doing the podcast, so I thought I will keep it going, the inspiration is back! and with your generosity and support- I would love to take this podcast to the next level!!

My podcast is, and will always be - FREE! To stream, download or subscribe, but I do have 3 different reward systems for loyalty and donations...

Bronze: $1 - Support the podcast, helping it to evolve and grow!

Silver: $5 - Support the podcast, plus a free track from Andy - every 2 episodes!

Gold: $10 - Help support, plus a free track from Andy - every 2 episodes, and also a 1X - brand new sample pack by Andy himself - over 500mb of sounds!

**It will also be every 2 months now, and the donations will be per episode and not per month. So 6 donations a year max**

*All donations will be re-invested in to new studio gear, and higher quality software, tracks/mixes*

Any donations, re-posts and support are hugely appreciated! x



This episode is a real treat of psychedelic broken beats. Starting quite techy, then building up to some proggy psybreaks bangers!
We then evole into a little psy trance towards the end, to finish it up! Excellent stuff all round smiley

Wicked new tracks from - myself, Moontrip, Blazer, Digital Swamp, Kwah, Frequency Less and more!


01. Sergei_Orange - Invasion [RUNE]
02. Peter Paul - Still Alive [Neom]
03. By The Rain - Eve [BMSS]
04. Axawaya & Lost In Orion - Marginals [Pistolero]
05. Andy Faze - Sugar Rush (Moontrip Remix) [VIM Breaks]
06. Blazer - Spark [VII]
07. Digital Swamp - Prototype [Pistolero]
08. Genuss - Blazing Beats (Kwah Remix) [VIM Breaks]
09. John Dropping & Chris Voro - Trojan [Neom]
10. Frequency Less - Travel 2.0 [Sub Element]
11. Frequencey Less - Round Two [Neom]
12. Maitika - Nevrosis M24 [CDR]
13. Andy Faze - Bending Reality [Solid Black]


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP30 [GOLD EDITION 3]
March 06, 2017 01:37 PM PST
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Elements is back, and with a huge bang!!

Our 30th episode is a special Gold Edition - No.3

A wicked collection of classic Psybreaks, Tech-Breaks and Acid Breaks, mixed for your delight and pleasure! smiley
Some real stunners in this mix, all carefully selected from the Elements Psybreaks vault smiley

Quality productions by - Beta, D Funk, Far Too Loud, Bad Tango, Triple Agent, Blazer and more!

Respect to the artists and labels!

Enjoy! x

share! x

01. Future Funk Squad - Alien (The Peepshow Ownerz Remix) [En:Vision]
02. 9bO - Antilightbulb (Beta Remix) [Glack Audio]
03. Access Denied - Lucky Bitches (D Funk Remix) [Westway]
04. Far Too Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer [Funkatech]
05. Fisso & Spark - You Are Right (LuQas Remix) [Dead Famous]
06. Audiohazard - Track One (Headphonics Remix) [Bombtraxx]
07. Aleksey ElectroNic - Unreal (Bad Tango Remix) [RUNE]
08. Martopeter - Dont Push Me (Unconcious Mind(s) Remix) [VIM Breaks]
09. Abdomen Burst - Epinephrine (Hedflux Remix) [Scarcity]
10. Beatman & Ludmilla - Leeroy Jenkins (Triple Agent Remix) [Ayra]
11. Charlie Kane - Wired To The Core (Blazer Remix) [VIM Breaks]
12. Krapula Concept - Tekno Machine (Kultur & Colombo Remix) [Metamorph Muzik]
13. Feuerhake - Under Pressure (Blazer Remix) [RUNE]


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP29
September 29, 2016 06:44 PM PDT
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As the festival season draws to an end, and the summer is almost over, Elements returns to keep them psychedelic vibes going!

A sublime selection in this months episode, with a few slightly older gems in there too. This mix was also featured on Anonyms Breakbeat show - Radio Record, Russia smiley

Excellent choons by - Vectrix, Mindtrix, Z4thoichi, Chris Voro, Sideform and many more.

Respect to the artists and labels! x


01. Kayshan - Paradigm Shift (Vectrix Remix) [VIM Breaks]
02. Nick Sentience & Neil Moore - The Drums [Onformat]
03. Toefinger & Soulah - Medulla [Broken Records]
04. Digibox - Fever (Andy Faze Remix) [Sub Element]
05. Hedflux - Non Stop (Bad Tango Remix) [Luminus]
06. Blacklist - Mental (Z4thoichi Remix) [VIM Breaks]
07. Andy Faze - Cosmic Dust [f1 Productions]
08. Kill Time - The Way Of Waking Up (Mindtrix Remix) [TEK]
09. Roboteknic & Z4thoichi - Intelligent Life [Sub Element]
10. Sloth - Computers Control [VIM Breaks]
11. Chris Voro & Frequency Less - A Shadow On The Wall [TEK]
12. Moontrip - Reality & Spirituality [TEK]
13. Magnus - Frozen (Chris Voro Thumping Remix) [Critical Overload]
14. Sideform - Digital Fortress [Iboga]


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP28 with Chris Voro
August 21, 2016 12:02 PM PDT
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Elements takeover!

This month we have another exclusive guest mix for you, and takeover from top Greek producer - Chris Voro!

Due to technical difficluties in the Elements studio, we thought we would ask Chris to cover this month, to which he kindly agreed - supplying us with a top quality mix! smiley

Chris Voro is a prolific electronic music producer and DJ who floats wickedly on different genres. He is the owner of Blacked Out Recordings, and is already supported by legendary names of the Trance, Breaks and Chill Out scenes, like Paul Oakenfold, John Askew, Activa, Simon Patterson, The Crystal Method, Sean Tyas, Mark Sherry, Beatman & Ludmilla, Far Too Loud, Pale Penguin, Sketi, Fisso & Spark, Ryan Farish and more, he's definitely heading upwards…

Massive thanks to Chris for the wicked mix!

Respect to the artists and labels x


01. Hedflux - Sacralicious (Original Mix) [CD-R]
02. Plu-Ton - The Remembrance Of Naboo (Original Mix) [Old SQL]
03. Timewave - Star City (Cullen Remix) [PHW Elements]
04. Ambush - Retrocinema (Beat Bizarre Remix) [Iboga]
05. Chris Voro & Magnus - A Story Written Before Time Travel (Original Mix) [V.I.M.]
06. Beatman & Ludmilla and Blazer - Aqaba (Blazer Edit) [CD-R]
07. Atmos - Soundglider (Yestermorrow Remix) [Iono]
08. Nick Sentience - Earth System (Chris Voro Remix) [CD-R]
09. Colombo - Gods (Original Mix) [iBreaks]
10. Genuss - Blazing Beats (Original Mix) [V.I.M.]
11. Sideform - The Ritual (Original Mix) [Iboga]
12. Liquid Soul & DJ Dream - Liquid Dream (Neodyne Remix) [Iboga]
13. Pixel & Freedom Fighters - Sem Is Different (Original Mix) [HOMmega Productions]


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP27
August 03, 2016 04:17 PM PDT
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Back once again!

Episode 27 sees us freestyle through different genres.
Starting with some wicked Down and Mid-Tempo, before moving up the gears with some Breaks and PsyTrance! A real cool selection smiley

Superb new music from - Frequency Less, Solesystem, Mechanical Pressure, Too Dusty, Acidova, Plus a brand new remix in there from me, forthcoming on Sub Element Recordings.

Respect to the artists and labels! x


01. Frequency Less - Busted [Luminus Music]
02. HuuHaa - C-Ristal [Full Sound]
03. A-Mase - Airport (Solesystem Remix) [RUNE]
04. Mechanical Pressure - The Firm [RUNE]
05. Parallax Breakz - Flashback [VIM Breaks]
06. Acidova & Too Dusty - I Swear [TEK]
07. Maiia303 - Sky In Diamonds [Ovnimoon]
08. Andy Faze - Shapeshifter [CDR]
09. Sergei Orange - Freethinker (Andy Faze Remix) [Sub Element]
10. Eartheogen - Energy Rebounds [Universal]
11. Castor & Pollux - Tornado Alley [Solid Black]
12. Dreaddean - Space Cadet [Tribal Sphere]


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP26
June 26, 2016 05:10 PM PDT
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Elements Psybreaks returns in fine style!
Some wonderful psychedelic broken beats in this months episode smiley
Starting quite proggy, then moving up the gears with a bit of 4x4 action!

Excellent music this time around from: Vectrix, Resistor, Oddball, Parallax Breakz, Nick Sentience and more!

Respect to the artists and labels x


01. Platunoff - Artificial Life (Synergia Corpo Remix) [Morphosis]
02. Vectrix - Inside The Black [VIM Breaks]
03. Llupa - Shadow Walker (Resistor Remix) [RUNE]
04. Feuerhake - Under Pressure (Triple Agent Remix) [Logariddim]
05. Acidova & Too Dusty - I Swear (Oddball Remix) [TEK]
06. Kill Time - The Way Of Waking Up (Mindtrix Remix) [TEK]
07. Parallax Breakz - Ancient God [VIM Breaks]
08. Nick Sentience - Earth System (Vocal Mix) [Onformat]
09. Parallax Breakz feat. M_Spark - Chaos Control [VIM Breaks]
10. Remerged - Dangerous Groups [Neurotrance]
11. Nick Sentience - Space Time (Psybreaks Mix) [Onformat]
12. Andy Faze - Advanced Weaponary [CDR]
13. Nocturnal - Magnetic Heart [ESF Records]


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP25
May 28, 2016 04:26 PM PDT
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25 and counting!

Elements brings you antoher Psybreaks expidition. Starting lovely and deeep this time, before building nicely with some older tracks, then moving on into the latest Psybreaks tuna.

Superb cuts from - Platunoff, Spectral Theory, GeoDigm, Too Dusty, Nivanoise, and an exclusive remix from Nick Sentience!

Respect to the artists and labels! x


01. Omauha - Antananarivo (Platunoff Breaks Remix) [Morphosis]
02. Captain Capcom - Pending Blending [Divergence]
03. Spectral Theory - Metre [CDR]
04. Snook - Reality Junction (Too Dusty Remix) [Warped]
05. GeoDigm - Razor Steps [TEK]
06. Kill Time - The Way Of Waking Up [TEK]
07. M_Spark - Stereo Benefits [RUNE]
08. Andy Faze - Mind in Motion [RUNE]
09. Nivanoise - Who We Are [Nivacords]
10. GeoDigm - Synapse Surfer (Too Dusty Remix) [TEK]
11. N'GWA - Sex With An Elevator (Martopeter Remix) [VIM Breaks]
12. Pitch Drop - Broken Knows (Frequency Less Remix) [Pistolero]
13. Chemical Content - Spirit Plane (Nick Sentience Remix) [Unrestricted]


Andy Faze - Elements Psybreaks Podcast - EP24
April 19, 2016 03:30 PM PDT
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Yo yo!

After our last exclusive episode, Elements returns for your usual hour of psychedelic rhythyms smiley A nice deep cool mix this time around, with some quality new Breaks, and then finishing with some awesome proggy Psy Trance!

Excellent tracks from - Nick Sentience, Algorithmic, Digital Swamp, Camisole, Frequency Less and E-Clip. Plus a brand new remix in there from me, coming soon on VIM Breaks!

Respect to the artists and labels x


01. Isolate - Epiphany (Algorithmic Remix) [Sub Element]
02. Nick Sentience - Government [Onformat]
03. Digital Swamp - Hyperspace [Universal Tribe]
04. Sloth - Closed Line (Camisole remix) [VIM Breaks]
05. Vectrix - The Rythym (Andy Faze Remix) [VIM Breaks]
06. Blazer - Rocksteady (MartOpeter Remix) [Neom]
07. Ace Ventura - Dark Matter (E-Clip Remix) [Iono Music]
08. Frequency Less - Side Effect [Luminus]
09. Toefinger & Soulah - Trimension [Broken Records]
10. Nanosphere - Freefall [Broken Robot]
11. Hedflux - Catharsis (Split & Jaxta Remix) [Luminus]
12. Ilai - Drawing Electric Storms [Iono Music]
13. E-Clip - Equilibrium [Iono Music]


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